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Our Values

Be Driven by Passion

We constantly push ourselves to become masters of what we do. We are curious, and we love to experiment.

Stay Agile in Pursuit

We embrace change and are always excited to take advantage of the opportunities that come with it.

Be Lean and Open

We believe in minimum hierarchy and maximum transparency.

Prioritize People over Profits

We are as employee-centric as customer-centric.

Camaraderie #OneForAll

We share problems and are always willing to lend a hand.

Adaptability #QuickOnOurFeet

Being flexible and quick to adapt is the key to keep growing and innovating.

Integrity #BeHonourable

This is at the heart of our words and actions. We can always be trusted to do the right thing.

Curiosity #OpenToNew

We keep nurturing our curiosity and welcoming (and oftentimes even driving) change.

Respect #BeInclusive

We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive working environment where everyone is treated with kindness, empathy, and respect.

Our Hiring Philosophy

True to our values, Velotio strives to hire team members who are relentless, passionate, humble, and want to be part of a transparent work atmosphere.

We hire for potential, not experience

We strongly believe that direct work experience should not be the only way to scout talent. The real-life experiences are what infuse people's attitudes, mould their aspirations, and inspire the passions that drive them to develop their skills.

We admire humility

We see humility as a sign of strength. It makes the individual better, it makes people around the individual better, and ultimately it makes the entire team and organization better.

We look for entrepreneurial spirit

Passionate people know what it's like to dive deep into a subject and completely understand it. We are always looking for people with 'get things done' attitude who get excited by the idea of complicated challenges and big goals.

Work From

At Velotio, we are building a remote-friendly work culture that focuses on collaboration, meaningful relationships, and a sense of community.  By embracing a model that supports both remote and in-office experiences, we are giving everyone the flexibility they need. We have our office available to those who value an in-office experience while welcoming team members who prefer to work in a remote setting.

See What Life At Velotio Is Like

Velotio is run by some of the best and brightest minds. It’s a team that builds together and laughs together. Through our #TeamInSpotlight series, we get up-close and personal (and have some fun) with our teammates.

Ishan Khanduja

Tech Lead

Aastha Gupta

DevOps Lead

Nagesh Kulkarni

Senior QA Engineer

Deepak Biradar

Lead Engineer

Navina Kale

Quality Analyst

Yashwant Joshi

Software Engineer

Vernon Dsouza

Lead Software Engineer

Nikhil Pathak

Senior Software Engineer

Faeez Kadiri

Technical Architect

Elevate- Our Biggest Internal Tech Conference

Velotio Elevate is an annual internal tech conference where passionate people come together to exchange knowledge, share expertise, and uplift minds. The event features multiple talks and sessions on various cutting-edge technologies, team building games, and super-fun stand-up shows.

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Velotio Tech Talks

Monthly tech discussions led by our internal tech experts. This acts a great forum to stay updated on everything cool and new in the field of technology and innovation.

Velotio After Hours

Twice a month, we all get together (virtually) to discuss non-work, non-tech things. We talk about movies, comics, sports, fitness, mental health, music, finances and more.

Game of Hackathon

We often organize Hackathons that inject a lot of positive energy and innovation into our work culture and make collaborations more effective. Such events encourage our team to challenge themselves and come up with the great ideas and technical solutions.

Kubernetes Ignite

Kubernetes Ignite is an initiative to build a thriving community of professionals who are looking to network and gain knowledge about Kubernetes and its surrounding ecosystem.

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