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Discovering the real value of data and AI

Harness the power of real-time data, AI, and machine learning in accelerating your business strategies

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Partner with a data & AI expert to empower your organization with intelligent decision-making, innovation, and a data-driven approach. We collaborate closely with your business to establish data & AI as the foundation of your operations, leading to process transformation and improved customer experiences.

Our comprehensive solutions guide your data strategy, establish a cloud-based data infrastructure with governance and security, ensure data quality using modern principles, and implement master data management. We enhance your business processes through advanced AI and ML, streamlining data science operations and delivering accelerated results, outperforming custom integrations, and making informed decisions.

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Data strategy and architecture

Data Stack Modernization

Generative AI

Business Intelligence & Data Visualization

Data Product Development



Data Strategy and Architecture

Assess the data's potential impact, Create data value maps to outline key outcomes and gain better actionable insights

  • Agile data strategy
  • Architecture blueprinting
  • Cloud data platforms
  • Data warehouses
  • Data hubs and catalogs
  • Analytics process optimization
  • Platform health checks

Data Stack Modernization

Transform data infrastructure within weeks, gain essential insights, embrace a data-centric approach

  • Architecture & design
  • Cloud migration
  • Data warehouse and Data lake implementation
  • Data governance
  • Analytics process optimization

Generative AI

Transform your initial concepts into practical solutions swiftly and cost effectively with our generative AI expertise

  • AI consulting services
  • Automations & GenAI integrations
  • GenAI product development &  experience design
  • AI transformation

Business Intelligence &  Data Visualization

Enable real-time, actionable data for precise and straightforward decision-making with customized, & highly visual dashboards

  • Intuitive data visualizations
  • Customized BI solutions
  • Self-service analytics
  • Data modeling
  • Automated reports & dashboards

Data Product Development

Accelerate Your data product development with dedicated teams of highly skilled architects and engineers

  • End to End product development
  • Dedicated teams with specialized  - data engineering capabilities.
  • Connectors & integrations


Unlock growth and drive business outcomes with the right blend of data + AI-driven intelligence for better decision making

  • Advanced text analysis & speech recognition
  • ML model for data classifications
  • Nature language processing
  • Forecasting and recommendation systems
  • Chatbots
  • AIOps - operational analytics


Facilitate state-of-the-art machine learning advancements through efficient processing, monitoring, and simplified maintenance

  • Orchestrated experiments
  • Automated ML pipelines
  • Connected DataOps and MLOps pipelines
  • CI & CD for machine learning
  • Continuous training & model governance
  • Monitoring and observability
  • MLOps ecosystem

Our step-by-step Data Engineering Process

Customer Testimonials

Velotio Technologies holds regular meetings and uses various project management tools to track progress. The team works hard and is dedicated to the project's success, making them reliable and effective.

Muralidhar Balcha,
Founder & CTO

Customer Testimonials

Velotio was super quick in turning around with a DevOps team that met our profile requirements within a week! The team is made up of smart and talented individuals. They were quick to gain our trust and confidence. It is great to have them as our technology partner.

Sekhar Vajjhala,
SVP of Engineering, Knotch

Customer Testimonials

Velotio Technologies have a fairly quick turnaround in spite of the time difference. They are a knowledgeable partner. The team is easy to communicate with and their efforts have helped to streamline and improve our processes.

Xiaoyun Zhu,
VP, Engineering, Fylamynt

Our Success Stories

Helped data clean room platform gain multiple multi-million dollar deals with international conglomerates

Our client is a provider of data clean room platform that unlocks decentralized data to make better business decisions smarter, safer, scalable, and simpler.
They were looking for multi-cloud expertise for secure data processing at scale. We collaborated with stakeholders to create and implement the data cleanroom solution. Our solution empowered their customers to use their own computing resources or the client's clean compute engine. Also our solution supported diverse data sources, including code containers, machine learning models, data files, databases, and data warehouses. We enabled client to land multiple multi-million dollar deals with international conglomerates like Disney, Pepsi, L'Oréal, LinkedIn, and many more

Cost reduction
Microservices CI/CD automation achieved

How we enabled a pioneering media tech company to add streaming partners more efficiently

Our customer is a global leader in SaaS technology providing end-to-end cloud-managed live and on-demand video infrastructure for TV and OTT. They wanted to to develop a scalable content ingestion/aggregation platform with a focus on resilience, failure handling, and scalability. We helped the, with a graph metastore solution for Ingesting, standardizing, and enriching media content. Also enabled de-duplication and content unification from numerous channel partners. Our solution ensured easy customer access to the content. We also implemented an analytics platform to track, process, and report on metrics related to media content and customer activities.

Partners onboarded in short period
Media contents efficiently ingested and enriched

How we helped a leading space tech company to become the sole provider of integrated insights in LEO

Our customer is building the next generation of global radar network and data services platform to help satellite operators deploy their services safely and to empower governmental space agencies with detailed visibility into the Lower Earth Orbit (LEO) ecosystem. They wanted to setup resilient and scalable data processing and storage solutions. We established a data lake to meet data processing, storage, and usage needs. and developed multiple ETL pipelines to handle petabytes of data daily (around 20 million files ingested, transformed, and stored). We empowered the analytics team to create advanced reports faster and reduced operational team workloads by migrating some reporting and machine learning tasks to a scalable platform.

Data scaling achieved by building a data processing architecture
ETL pipelines
Real-time tracking of objects (Satellites & Debris) in lower earth orbit

Building a AWS-based ETL data ingestion pipelinefor data processing platform

The client built a collaborative data processing platform that helps companies ingest and unify disparate data sets from multiple sources. The platform outputs data without the need for procedural ETL and data pipelines. With this platform, they were aiming to unlock the full value of customer data by empowering business users to collaborate on datasets that are initially hard to understand, reconcile, and blend. Velotio helped setup data ingestion pipelines, a core feature set of the platform. This pipeline unifies diverse data sets from various sources, creating standardized outputs without requiring engineers to develop procedural ETL and data pipelines. It's built entirely using AWS components and services.

ETL data ingestion pipeline
5 Key Technologies
AWS S3, Lambda function & Glue Job, Glue Catalog & Athena, DynamoDB, SNS

Setting up serverless data lake for a series-B funded customer data platform

The client has a self-learning customer data platform. It keeps the customer data live and enriched while automating the customer life-cycle with relevance to continuously produce unprecedented results in cross/up-selling & retention marketing. We leveraged google cloud storage and big query to setup a data lake which stores structured and unstructured data in parquet format. The solution ingests Batch (files, structured) and real time data (clickstream data, unstructured). We built a highly scalable ETL data pipeline solution using Airflow, Spark and Kubernetes.Also implemented generic framework for non-technical users to easily add data standardization and validation rules in PySpark.

Serverless data lake using AWS Glue
Unification of disparate data sets from mutiple data sources

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