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DevOps Consulting and Engineering

Helping companies gain a competitive edge by transforming IT operations and boosting infrastructure agility.

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Certified DevOps Experts
DevOps Projects Delivered

How we can help you

With right tools, appropriate architectural approaches and automated processes we help you to build an efficient and secure cloud infrastructure with reduced costs, faster releases, lower risks and easier maintenance.

Consulting & Architecture

With our strategic planning, we can help you find the best solution for any software development challenge. Our certified DevOps experts can empower your IT department to significantly accelerate your DevOps adoption.

Infrastructure Automation

Leveraging our DevOps expertise and industry-leading tools, we build automation to streamline how you provision, manage, and support your cloud infrastructure. This helps deliver high-quality applications faster and at scale.

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Integration & Delivery

We help you change the way you manage your software development life cycle using the best-in-class CI/CD tools. Make rapid iterations with improved productivity and less downtime.

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Kubernetes &
Container Adoption

Partner with our team of experts to accelerate your Kubernetes adoption. Reap the benefits of faster application development and delivery at scale.

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Monitoring & Alerting

Continuously monitor production systems to track performance issues and security breaches. We leverage the trusted solutions such as Pagerduty, DataDog, Prometheus and Pingdom to resolve the issues in real time.

Cost Optimization

Manage your IT systemsmore cost effectively. Move faster with deployment while shortening your product's Time to Value and significantly reducing your TCO.

Security & Compliance

We help you build fully-compliant Cloud-native architecture that meets strict security and operational guidelines following HIPAA, SOC2 and PCI mandates.

Cloud Native App

We empower you to move away from the outdated solutions and develop scalable systems. The experts at Velotio build microservices-based applications through continuous delivery workflows and agile DevOps processes.

Our DevOps consulting process

DevOps Assessment and Planning


We start by evaluating your infrastructures and product delivery processes to reveal possible bottlenecks. During this stage we define an appropriate optimization strategy in line with your tech stack and product workflows.

DevOps Automation and Implementation


During this stage, we automate various aspects of product development, which includes code reviews, deployment, continuous testing and knowledge gathering.



During this stage, we run checks to validate the product performance. We continuously analyze the way the implemented DevOps ecosystem is behaving, while monitoring how the business is reacting to such changes.

Velotio has been a great partner for Tagnos during our transition from an on-premise to a cloud based SaaS solution. They have been like an extended development team for us and guided us through the process of migration and certification for both AWS and Google Cloud Platform.

Jag Padala
CTO, Tagnos

We lay the right foundation for your success

Certified DevOps engineers

Our engineers have deep domain expertise and have worked on challenging projects for customers across US and Europe. We leverage the best DevOps practices and advanced tools to meet your development goals more efficiently – reducing costs and time-to-market.

Improve operations and enable agility

Our flexible development practices allow you to create a more agile and efficient working environment supporting operational and process-related scaling.

Experience transforming leading as well as scaling organisations

We are advisors and engineers with vast experience of solving business challenges for scaling startups, unicorns and pioneering enterprises.

Cloud tools and platforms


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How we can help you accelerate your DevOps adoption.

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