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Our Biggest Annual Tech Conference

A platform to share and elevate knowledge and get hands-on domain expertise from Velotio Tech Influencers in our biggest 2-day virtual tech conference.

About Elevate

Velotio Elevate is an annual tech conference for Velotians aiming to bring together the greatest minds and most enthusiastic tech geeks to exchange the best tech practices. The conference features multiple talks and sessions on various cutting-edge technologies, team-building games, and super-fun stand-up shows.


Tech Domains




Tech Sessions



Highlights of Elevate

Elevate'22 —
Bigger and Better

This year Elevate got even bigger. We were all engulfed in the energy and the fun that it brought in.

From the insightful talks to hilarious memes to the crazy fun, packed with a string of high-octane exciting activities, Elevate had it all. Here's a quick video for us all to relive those precious moments.

Velotio Tech Influencers & Guest Speakers Coming Together

This year, including Velotio Tech Influencers, Guest Speakers across the tech universe came together joined Elevate to talk about the new emerging technologies. We conducted 35+ best-in-class sessions on various tech domains. We were joined by an exclusive speaker and an industry tech visionary- Hampton Lintorn-Catlin, CTO at Thriveworks (also our customer) to speak on Leadership Qualities to Thrive in Tech.

Elevate After Hours — the Never-ending Fun

On Day 1, we enjoyed a fun-filled laughter-riot with the great Comedian & YouTuber Gaurav Kapoor. Gaurav’s observational and anecdotal comedy made is awestruck.

At Elevate’s Grand Finale we witnessed an electrifying evening all elite music lovers to groove to the beats of the unparalleled Indian Ocean Rock Band, aka. the pioneers of the fusion rock genre in India.

Elevate'21 —
Tech Fest from Home

Elevate is our first-ever virtual tech conference, with the theme to share our knowledge with one another. The tech conference is about passionate people coming together to exchange knowledge, share expertise, and uplift minds. The community at Elevate appreciates and explores numerous self-expression and learning opportunities for everyone to grow. We believe that knowledge sharing is the only means to expand or elevate knowledge.

Topics and Speakers — Learn, Engage, and Elevate

Over 100+ participants from across the tech universe came together for two full days in July 2021 to learn about, see, and dig into all things in the new emerging technologies. With 35+ speakers (we call them Velotio Tech Influencers) running 30+ out-of-this-world sessions on Data Engineering, DevOps, Web/Mobile App Development, Product Design/User Experience, and more — the conference offered something for everyone.
All the tech enthusiasts got an opportunity to learn new tech insights, engage in tech talks with peers, and elevate their knowledge.

Elevate After Hours —  All Fun and Play

We find in all-work, no fun boring. So, after a steller conference, we had a gala time at the fun-filled after-hours. It started off by enjoying a fun-filled laughter-riot with the most-followed comedians in the country — the stand-up comedian, writer, and actor Biswa Rath. And, the icing on the cake was the concluding magical milieu with Suhani Shah, India's only female mentalist who pulled some random information from the teammates' heads as we all uncovered their most exciting secrets.

All the sessions were very productive and interactive, indeed a great fun and learning experience. Topics on DevOps were put very thoughtfully. Hats off, and kudos to the whole Velotio team for organizing Elevate.

Aditi Sangave
Senior DevOps Engineer

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