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Redefining the Virtual Sales Experience of an Enterprise IT Company with an On-demand Virtual Lab Platform

About This Project

The Client wanted to build an on-demand virtual lab platform to deliver customizable product demos and POCs to accelerate their technical adoption, sales cycles, and deal closure. Within four months, Velotio built a cost-effective custom platform with an intuitive user interface resulting in better lead conversion and increased sales productivity. 


UI/UX & Digital Experience
Cloud & DevOps


About the Client

Our client is a publicly listed IT company headquartered in the USA. They are a data storage company developing data storage hardware, and cloud-ready digital solutions to empower SaaS companies, cloud service providers, and enterprises. 

As one of the fastest-growing enterprise IT companies, they are enabling organizations to quickly adopt next-generation technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, to help maximize the value of data for competitive advantage. 

Understanding the Challenge

Our client uses an as-a-service platform to showcase their cloud products to prospective buyers. The on-demand virtual lab platform is used by their sales team to demo the real solutions environment online and reduce the hardware or on-site visits. 

The platform was released in 2020 and was implemented with the help of an external cloud-based platform with the aim to deliver customizable product demos and POCs for sales acceleration and improved customer engagement. Within a year since the release, the platform launched over 25K curated labs (demos) by over 5K users. 

However, very quickly the need for a platform upgrade was identified, which was crucial to both short-term and long-term business scalability and adaptability. 

Some of the concerns that needed to be addressed immediately were:

  • The platform had a poor onboarding experience, which made it difficult for the users to set up personalized demos.
  • The platform did not support single-sign-on.
  • The platform did not allow for easy customization making it difficult to deliver use-case-based demos. 
  • The platform did not support Salesforce integration so passing data to Salesforce was time-consuming and prone to manual errors, which negatively impacted the sales cycles.
  • The platform was expensive due to its high recurring licensing cost and didn’t deliver the expected ROI.

“Velotio helped us build a custom platform that accelerated our ability to deliver demos to technical buyers and thereby shortening our sales cycles. They architected the solution to solving security, access, and performance challenges. The application has reduced presales team dependency and shortened sales cycles helping us in our PLG journey.”

VP, Engineering

How We Made It Happen

The customer turned to Velotio as its engineering partner because of our expertise in the Cloud & Infrastructure domain, digital experiences capability, and UI/UX design.

However, a big challenge was the time-criticality of the project. The client needed the new platform in less than 4 months, right in time for their annual sales kick-off. The new platform was to be used by their sales and marketing teams to give product demos to end customers- this meant that Velotio needed to have air-tight project predictability and low-risk scope. 

Velotio took on the challenge of creating a custom platform that is easy to use, provides a great user experience, and is cost-effective within the expected timeline. 

The team comprised of a product owner, software architect, full-stack engineers, UX designers, and QA. The project was kicked off in mid-2021.

  • Firstly, our team worked with the Client to understand their existing product challenges
  • Defined the MVP required for the sales kick-off.
  • The Product Owner and Designer started working on the mockups and wireframes ensuring quick turnaround with daily sync-ups and huddles.
  • After some quick POCs, we chose Skytap, a cloud service provider, because of its API-centric design and customizable UI components.  
  • The team chose a tech stack (Django/Python, React, AWS ECS) that was easy to build upon and could also scale efficiently with the evolving business needs. 
  • We also built integrations with various external platforms such as Skytap, VMware vRealize Automation (vRA), VMware vCD, etc. This meant that team had to get well familiar with multiple 3rd party documentation and APIs.
  • To address certain complexities while building Salesforce integration, we onboarded a Salesforce expert to provide quick support ensuring there are no technical gaps.

The custom platform was delivered in a short duration of 4 months as intended. The web app was integrated with other virtual lab environment management systems (Skytap, VMware vRA, VMware vCD), which ran in the backend to spin up lab environments with utmost ease.

The application interacted with other internal authentication systems like Okta to authorize and authenticate users, which was a critical challenge before. The application also allowed virtual lab management on a real-time basis so the scaling of labs was seamless. And the labs that were not in use got automatically deleted. The application also offered easy customization so personalized labs could be launched for varied use cases.

Post the launch, the Velotio team continued to maintain the platform while adding new features to support the evolving business needs.

How Velotio Made a Difference

The platform offered an improved user experience, which made it easy for the users to launch personalized demos independently.

The easy-to-use templates enabled the sales team to quickly customize demos for different use-cases, which increased sales productivity.

With a custom-built platform and efficient management of the lab environment (cleanup of labs when not in use), the client was able to bring down the operational costs by 70%.

Salesforce and Marketo integration made setting up POC demos quicker thereby resulting in better lead conversion rates.

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