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Cloud & DevOps

How We Helped a First-of-its-kind Communication and Voice AI Platform Achieve a 90% Positive End-user Experience through Digital Transformation

About This Project

Our customer offers a unique voice interface tailored for enterprise systems, enabling frontline teams to connect with people, data, and software solutions in real time. They wanted to substantially transform their infrastructure and development processes to enhance their IT landscape. Leveraging our DevOps expertise and extensive multi-cloud experience, we assisted the customer in achieving streamlined deployment processes, enhanced security measures, and improved system performance across diverse environments.


Cloud & DevOps


About the Client

The customer is a US-based software startup backed by prominent investors specialising in wearables, IoT, mobile apps, messaging systems, communication tools, voice interfaces, and push-to-talk functions. Their core product is a communication and voice AI platform for frontline workers that enables uninterrupted connections with enterprise systems. Powered by proprietary automated speech recognition (ASR) technology, the platform facilitates operational automation through features like speech-to-speech workflows, voice queries, checklist workflows, emergency response workflows, and more.

Understanding the Challenge

The customer wanted to modernise their current infrastructure and implement a highly scalable and resilient framework. Their end goal was to empower their teams to focus on strategic initiatives and innovation. Through our collaboration, they were looking to achieve the following predefined objectives -

  • Infrastructure design and provisioning
  • Kubernetes expertise
  • EKS migration
  • Automated deployments and configuration management
  • Security and certificate management
  • Storage management enhancement
  • Build pipeline orchestration
  • CDN integration for enhanced content delivery
  • Monitoring and performance optimisation

We wanted to modernise our infrastructure but were uncertain about the plan. With a holistic DevOps approach, the Velotio team helped us improve deployment efficiency and overall system performance. We are highly impressed by the significant improvements.

CEO, Software Startup

How We Made It Happen

Velotio partnered with the customer in 2022. Initially, the team involved a DevOps lead, an iOS lead, and a platform lead, which has now grown to a large team working on multiple facets of the project. Our comprehensive strategy involved leveraging cutting-edge technologies and employing the best DevOps practices to ensure a robust transformation.

Infrastructure Design and Provisioning - We utilized Terraform to design, provision, and manage infrastructure as code (IaC), enabling consistent and repeatable infrastructure deployments across different environments. We also established a uniform and scalable framework for application deployment. This involved architecting the foundational components necessary to support various application workloads.

Kubernetes Cluster Deployment - Leveraging kURL, we deployed the Kubernetes clusters, which helped furnish a resilient container orchestration platform for application workloads. This encompassed configuring and optimizing Kubernetes clusters to meet specific performance and scalability requirements. Additionally, we implemented Prometheus to monitor Kubernetes infrastructure, enabling real-time insights into system health.

AWS EKS Migration - Using Terraform, we meticulously transitioned developmental, staging, and production environments to AWS EKS with minimal disruption and optimal resource utilization.

Automated Deployments with Flux and Kustomize - We implemented Flux for GitOps-style continuous deployment and Kustomize for customizing Kubernetes manifest, allowing for an optimized release cycle of applications. Further, we crafted Kustomize overlays to facilitate efficient configuration management, enhancing deployment flexibility and reducing manual intervention.

Multi-Cloud implementation - Velotio contributed to the migration of storage resources from Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to AWS, safeguarding data integrity and ensuring uninterrupted service availability. This involved devising robust strategies for data migration and replication across multi-cloud environments.

Security and Certificate Management - We implemented HashiCorp Vault for secrets management and took complete ownership and maintenance of it. This bolstered security posture across the infrastructure and ensured compliance with industry standards.

Storage Management Enhancement - We addressed challenges associated with RookCeph volumes by transitioning to the AWS Elastic Block Store (EBS) Container Storage Interface (CSI) driver. This significantly improved storage management capabilities and enhanced data reliability within the infrastructure.

Build Pipeline Orchestration - Using CircleCI build pipelines, the integration and deployment of applications were efficiently orchestrated and managed. This involved configuring automated workflows, conducting version control, and optimizing build performance to expedite the delivery of software artefacts.

Optimized Content Delivery with Fastly Integration - We leveraged Fastly as a robust content delivery network (CDN) solution for domain management and advanced security measures, ensuring optimized content delivery across the network.

Enhanced Database Performance - Successfully migrated from Redis StatefulSets to Elasticache, enhancing database performance and scalability to meet growing demands effectively.

Datadog and PagerDuty - As part of our ongoing developments, we're integrating Datadog and PagerDuty into the infrastructure to bolster performance and reliability and establish a comprehensive surveillance system.

Helm Chart Management - In our effort to streamline application deployment across all environments, we are implementing Helm charts to manage Kubernetes applications effectively. These charts are meticulously tailored to meet each application's unique requirements, encapsulating all essential configurations, dependencies, and resources. Additionally, they serve as blueprints for deploying and managing applications.

Unlocking the critical aspects of the project

  • Velotio handled migrating to AWS EKS clusters using a phased method, minimising downtime and ensuring data integrity.
  • We resolved the challenges with RookCeph volumes and transitioned to the AWS EBS CSI driver during the low-impact maintenance window with no disruption.
  • The Fastly integration was carried out with meticulous domain management and rigorous security with no disruptions.

How Velotio Made a Difference

The IaC implementation helped the customer achieve a 40% reduction in time spent on deployment and maintenance tasks.

Achieved 90% positive end-user experience by migrating to AWS EKS clusters and ensuring continuous service availability.

The upgrade from in-cluster Redis StatefulSets to Elasticache improved application performance by 60%.

Transitioning to the AWS EBS CSI driver significantly improved storage management, enhanced data reliability, and minimised the risk of data loss.

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